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The purchasing system for demand handling and tender evaluation that improves the process.

ProTendering is a purchasing system for part of the entire purchasing process, the part from requirements documents to tender evaluation. The system digitizes and automates this process, but allows you as a user to validate and control the process where you want. The effect for you in your work is that the loading and extraction of requirements is shortened by days in the normal case. You get it sorted for review and can therefore easily identify conflicting or unreasonable requirements, so you can go back to the claimant and discuss how it should be handled.

When you have finished processing the requirements, the program automatically creates an RFP in the form of a spreadsheet that bidders fill in. Therefore, the bids come back in the same form and ProTendering's advanced algorithm can directly point out the best bid according to your criteria. You don't need to create your own formulas in spreadsheets. You also have the option to sort by different parameters in case you see reason to compare more aspects.

In short, you get a tool that automates time-consuming manual work and gives you more time to improve the outcome. Among other things, by being able to easily evaluate more SHOULD requirements and FUNCTIONAL requirements, which lead to better TCO, Total Cost of Ownership.


Digitizes manual work - saves time, enhances results

  1. ProTendering includes a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that scans your documents and extracts all demands into a ready to use evaluation model. The demands are presented in a predefined form, in which you can prioritize them according to importance in the evaluation model and select response options for the supplier. 
  2. When you have defined all response details and priorities, you export them with a click of a button and get a transparent response form in a spreadsheet to be included in the RFQ. There the suppliers have everything predefined with alternatives that you have decided. 
  3. The bids returns in the form you sent them. You import them in seconds and get them in comparable form. The software interface facilitates evaluation of actual fulfillment. An advanced algorithm supports in optimizing performance and demand fullfilment towards relevant cost and even towards optimized Total Cost of Ownership. 



- works with your current system

ProTendering concentrates only on the area that has little or no support in other systems: The part from demands from stakeholders to the evaluation of the bids. This means you use you usual project software tools as usual. There is no implementation, no interference. 




Maximum security

- Cloud only if you want it

Since purchases often deal with business secrets or national security issues, ProTendering is standalone without cloud contact or internet access. You can use it in maximum security places after the software has been vetted. The software key is for one user and computer. If you wish to share information from ProTendering, you can do it in your own network, cloud or not, with your own security level. 

Watch how easy it is to use.

To the right you can see our Quick Guide-video on how to work with ProTendering, from starting a new procurement to evaluating the bids. Do you want to get deeper insight in how it works?

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The ProTendering process




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