Windows Developers for Development of Business Software
ProTendering is an early stage startup, based on verified customer needs. We are a mainly senior, experienced team with very different backgrounds, driven by joy and creating high monetary value for all team members.

You are invited to a lifetime opportunity that might affect your economic future. We are striving to build a diverse team why we are very open for all genders and nationalities.

Are you the young developer we need to strengthen our development team?

We are currently supported by the KTH Innovation Pre Incubator Program (batch 10) and the Bicky Chakraborty program. By the end of the year we will be front runners in the market space of procurement support. In a few years we will be global!

The challenge:
Most purchasers lack time, skill and/or support to handle all information necessary in order to contract from the right supplier. This results in inefficiency, time constraints and 10-30% higher costs than optimal.

We have the solution!
We are looking for a Windows developer to join our team. Time to market is crucial why we intend to increase the speed on the development side. We are still early stage so much of the programming is yet to be done.

Join the ride – Enjoy the ride! 




We are a small agile team that work with Scrum inspired methodology with TDD influences. We have a detailed plan for the development. We do bi-weekly sprints, code reviews and testing as in TDD. We put a lot of emphasis on code style, cleanliness and robustness.

The programming team work close together but with clear tasks. Each person takes responsibility for given tasks and when meeting challenges you are expected to seek guidance from the rest of the team as well as supporting others.

As a young engineering candidate in a small team you may have great impact on our product and our team. Buckle up for the ride!

Basic requirements:

  • Experience of programming and ability to learn new languages
  • Experience from working together in projects

Recommended skills/willingness to learn:

  • C# or good Java knowledge with the willing to switch to C#
  • Git
  • Familiarity with Windows development / Visual Studio, or Xamarin.Forms
  • Reading/writing Microsoft Office documents from C# and XSLT programming
  • Json programming
  • Github portfolio
  • WPF with MVVM
  • Creating custom graphs and charts of data in WPF

Depending on your experience and knowledge, the team will distribute tasks within the programming team.

Other areas of interest
We have more need of UX and/or UI skills. There will be a business website related to the product, based on WordPress.


ProTendering is an innovative startup that entered the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program 2019 with access to business coaching, office space and some financial support. Since March 2020 we have been accepted by the Bicky Chakraborty scale up program.

We are a senior team with background from procurement, marketing and app development, with an innovative idea to meet these general challenges in all procurement organizations globally. In the team we have expanded with junior programmers and want to expand this further.


You will be working with senior entrepreneurs, all loving teamwork and all inspired to provide and give mentorship. Apart from the fun and potential value, you will have the opportunity to learn from many business areas other than programming.

Our goal is to launch the program for sales and delivery on the global market by autumn 2020.We aim at becoming viral on a huge global market. The better and faster we as a team succeed, the more value for everyone. We all work Pro Bono with a potential for very high revenues for the whole team. We fight together, work together, win together!

From you we expect a team player with drive, programming skills, willingness to learn and willingness to contribute. Long term there might be sales or business opportunities as a partner globally. Focus markets are Sweden, Europe, North America and India.