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Big wins for the whole organization with ProTendering's new version and its features.

April 2024

Now ProTendering gives users the opportunity to decide for themselves when they want to update their license to take advantage of the latest features. The latest version will be active for the entire license period, giving users full control over their procurement projects. In addition, the new license management requires the opening of legacy projects even after the license has expired, allowing all results to be read and downloaded to learn from and improve future procurement.

Customizable prioritization and improved user experience. 

In the latest version, ProTendering has changed the default value of SHOULD requirements from "Very Important" to "Important", which makes the evaluation easier for the procurement team. Other improvements include the reintroduction of the Save/Close button to simplify the process and reduce the risk of data loss. Technical updates for optimal performance include an update of the base .NET to the latest version .NET 6.0 to ensure long-term support and further development.

Summary of some of the new features: 
  • In the new license, the default value of SHOULD requirements has been changed from Very Important to Important, which facilitates the evaluation for procurement teams.
  • The reintroduction of the Save/Close button makes it possible to quickly and safely close projects without losing any information.
  • The risk of information loss has been minimized in that it is no longer possible to lose data if the program exits without saving.
  • The weighting of documents has been improved so that it is no longer possible to lock the weighting of all documents if the total differs from the assigned weighting for the document type.
  • Now it is possible to open an older project even after the license has expired. With the latest license management, one can continue to open, read and download the content of older projects, even if the license has expired.


Christmas gift to educaters in procurement.

December 2023

Our mission to enhance procurement includes educating. We released a book about the complete process this fall. We found that that kind of educational book was missing in Swedish. And now we ar spreading the word, hoping to help new buyers to become better educated. 


Inspiring meetings at DI Inköp 2023.

September 2023

We had a great and very intense day at Dagens Industri's Inköp 2023. We had interesting discussions about how to move forward towards TCO instead of lowest price. ProTendering is a tool that helps this trough making it easier to handle complex demand handling, 


Dynamic meetings at Mötesplats Offentliga Affärer 2023.

September 2023

Together with all visitors we have had a couple of fantastic days. Exchanging experiences with the experienced, the curious and all who want to take the next step to reach the most relevant procurement. 

Laptop start 1.2.2 1000px

Copying your own search phrases and more that simplifies your working day.

September 2023

The main news in this latest release 1.2 is that the usability with search phrases is further extended, with the copying of project-specific search phrases. Now you can copy search phrases from one project to another, to avoid having to define them again. It saves time in everyday life. It is also possible to copy project-specific or user-specific search phrases from one user to another via a freely chosen text editor, if you want to use the same search phrases in an organization, without having to define them manually.

Peter Sandberg, one of the founders of Protendering:
"I am proud of our programmers who have managed to find solutions that benefit everyone in the company, from those who manage more efficient TCO to those who need more time in their workday."

 You can, of course, use and save search phrases as before. Either as user-specific, available to each individual user in all of their projects, or as project-specific, only available to the specific project in which they were created.


More new benefits:

Version management
There is a security feature so that the user does not risk losing any data when working in different versions of the software. It is no longer possible for a project to be opened in a version of the program that is older than the one the project was created with.

Intuitive error messages
Error message dialogs are intuitive for the user. For example, messages to suppliers in the response form clearly describe what they are expected to do and what they are not allowed to do. We have updated and improved the layout of the raw data exported for those who want to do deeper procurement analysis and present the same.

Formatting from World
Import of heading formatting from documents follows the Word standard. Security message when closing projects to save and thus avoid data loss has been improved. Likewise, validation of what is imported.

Tool tips
You can find a lot of information in the "tooltips" function in the start box that opens when you open the program.


ProTenderings co-founders releases book on modern methods for procurement.

May 2023

ProTenderings mission is to enhance procurement radically. Inventing a tool for vastly better demand handling is the big step. But without good knowledge you cannot get the most out of anything. Thus John Murray and Peter Sandberg felt the need to share their senior experience to newcomers and anyone who would like to take a step forward in their work. The book is now released in Swedish. 


Success at Elektronikmässan.

April 2023

ProTendering were represented at Elektronikmässan in Gothenburg april 2-3 both with a booth and with a speaker. John Murray held a well acclaimed speech about sustainable procurement. 

Our booth was well attended and ther was much interest in our software ProTendering. 


Now you can create and use your own search phrases.

March 2023

 A new feature is the possibility to create and edit your own search phrases. You can create them for your yourself, your company or for projects. This becomes handy when there are specific phrases used in your field och your internal work language. There are many ways to benefit from this. The standardized search phrases are of course still preselected. 

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