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The benefits for your work

The market's most efficient purchasing system.

ProTendering offers an attractive solution to streamline the purchasing process from requirements documents to tender evaluation. The result of the purchase enables cost savings both in the short and long term. By digitizing and automating the purchasing process, you as a user can save significant time and resources as well as tie the buyer and the claimant closer together for a lasting result for your purchase.

"Maximize the Purchasing Process with ProTendering: Automate, Optimize and Streamline"

Key benefits of ProTendering:

Improved quality and increased control: By having requirements sorted for review, users can easily identify any conflicting or unreasonable requirements. This enables an effective dialogue with the claimant to clarify and handle any questions or ambiguities.

Automatic RFP Creation: ProTendering automatically generates a Request for Proposal (RFP) in the software's spreadsheet, saving users from having to manually create these documents. This helps to standardize the process and minimize the risk of errors.

Efficient evaluation of tenders: By returning the tenders in the same form, ProTendering's advanced algorithm can quickly and accurately pinpoint the best tender according to the user's criteria. This saves time and allows users to focus on analyzing and comparing the most important parameters.

Possibility of adaptation and flexibility: You as a user have the possibility to validate and control the process according to your needs and preferences. In addition, you can sort and compare the offers according to various parameters to ensure that they choose the most beneficial solution for their organization. Win-Win

Time savings: By automating the loading and extraction of requirements, time consumption is significantly reduced, which can normally take days. It saves users valuable time and enables a faster purchasing process.

By using ProTendering's software, organizations can not only streamline their procurement process, but also improve the quality of the final contracts through a more accurate evaluation of requirements and tenders. This in turn leads to a better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and you can easily take into account financial requirements, sustainability, security and innovation in your overall result for the organization.

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The benefits of the procurement system ProTendering:

  • ProTendering's robot reads documents, extracts and structures hundreds of requirements in a matter of seconds.
  • ProTendering  processes and presents the requirements structured for your validation and processing.
  • Protendering has a predefined evaluation model with an advanced algorithm that shows the best offer and allows you to filter on different criteria.
  • ProTendering increases quality, safety and profitability.
  • ProTendering simplifies how to use SHOULD, SHOULD and FUNCTIONAL requirements so you can go from lowest price to best quality with lowest lifetime cost.
  • ProTendering for the purchasing process from requirements documents to tender evaluation is an efficient and user-friendly process.
  • ProTendering has simple and clear reports.
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The benefits of increased speed and more secure results become even more evident in the case of large and complicated purchases.

Start using ProTendering for better requirements management and tender evaluation.