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Procurement and Tender Management of the Future Today with ProTendering

Take a step into a smoother and more efficient tender process for a results-oriented procurement. ProTendering offers you a revolutionary digital platform that transforms a traditional and manual procurement into one that is modern and automated. You can manage the tender process from requirement reading to evaluation in a simple and efficient manner. 

ProTendering is the first procurement system that takes your organization beyond a simple price comparison and instead provides you with the tools to evaluate tenders based on Total Cost of Ownership. Your procurement is not just about the lowest price but about finding the most cost-effective and performance-optimal solution for your project. 
With ProTendering, you can manage all types of requirements – from basic MUST and SHOULD requirements to more complex FUNCTIONAL requirements and risk parameters. ProTendering's procurement system gives you a clear and transparent view of the value of each tender, making it easy for you to choose the best option based on both performance and cost. 
ProTendering's procurement system allows you to easily consider advanced goals, such as the UN's sustainability goals. You can elevate the procurement process to sophisticated requirement management and tender evaluation, and if you wish, include ethical and environmental goals as evaluation criteria. ProTendering is a procurement system that is easy to use for advanced procurement." 

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten "

- Benjamin Franklin

Say goodbye to hours of manual work and discover ProTendering today to take your tender processes to the next level! Discover benefits that take you to tomorrow already today.


  • Extracts hundreds of requirements in a second 
  • Ready structure for processing
  • Advanced evaluation model 
  • Increased quality, safety, and profitability throughout the procurement process
  • A standalone procurement system that complements other programs
  • Equipped with a robot (RPA) that extracts, sorts, and weights requirements
  • A secure procurement system that can be used without an internet connection.
  • Driven by an advanced algorithm for automatic tender evaluation
  • A procurement system that enables the best balance between price and quality
  • Clear decision-making basis and precise and easy-to-read reports


  • Easy to implement
  • Efficiency with high quality
  • Easy to use for all types of procurement, simple and advanced
  • Leverage parameters from previous purchases
  • Increased knowledge and insights.
  • Facilitates and capitalizes on innovation
  • Free up your time and eliminate manual work
  • Increases and enhances understanding within the team between buyers/procurement officers and requirements setters
  • Easy to create clear result presentations
  • Puts you at the center of your procurement
  • Streamlines resources and reduces time pressure in procurement

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