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Cut time and enhance the result, with the new software for the process from demand handling to evaluation.

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You and your colleagues can customize your own search phrases.  

You can customize your own search phrases or use pre-selected, with the new function in ProTendering's software 1.1.0. There are many benefits for your organization throughout the entire purchasing process.  

Explore some of the benefits with ProTendering software’s new feature

 You can now search for a SHOULD-requirement that is worded a bit vaguely such as, prefer or it would be good and find them without difficulty. Contradictions in requirements management are another occasion when the new function comes in handy. The search function can be used independently during procurement preparations to search for specific requirements and ensure that the correct requirements and no contradictions occur.  

Project managers or Bidders can, among other things, use the new function to understand a request without creating a bid themselves. You can read 1000s documents and find crucial parameters such as times, responsibilities and more.  

With ProTendering's software, it is easy to simplify and streamline assessment of the value of a business opportunity before a Bid/No Bid decision.  

Search phrases are divided into three main categories:

  1. Standardized search phrases. Search phrases that are pre-defined in the software that can be selected or de-selected according to the user's needs. 
  2. User-specific search phrases. Users create their own search phrases that are saved and everyone in purchasing projects can use them. 
  3. Project-specific search phrases. Users create search phrases for a specific project that are only saved and used within the project. 

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Extract hundreds of demands in a second

Save days or weeks on extracting the demands. Our robot reads and extracts from hundreds of pages. Read more


Create a clear and transparent RFQ-form

Get the demands automatically compiled into a ready-to-answer RFQ-form.
Read more

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Import the structured and comparable bids in seconds

Since the suppliers fill in the RFQ you easily import them into our predefined evaluation model.
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Evaluate the bids with our advanced algorithm

ProTendering handles hundreds of de- mands with different wight and complaince levels. 
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Works with and enhances your current systems - no changes.

Go on using your systems as usual. ProTendering is a stand alone software that concentrates only on demand handling, RFQ and evaluation. We simply provide you with a tool that saves a lot of time and enhances the quality in this part of the process. Read more


What Protendering is

A standalone program that complements other programs with what they lack:

  • A Robot (RPA) translating demands and automated setting of requirements in the preparation phase.

  • Automated loading and structuring of tenders. 



What ProTendering is NOT

Another program for the whole process, with what others are already doing well:

  • Communication and management with bidders and suppliers.

  • Invitation and announcement of purchases / procurements.

  • Making contracts available to organizations.

  • Handling of call-offs and orders and invoicing.











Problems that ProTendering solves

  • Manual work

  • Time pressure in procurements

  • Lack of time for procurement projects

  • Lack of capacity for performance based evaluation

  • Unclear tender documents

  • The need for complex spreadsheet models

  • Evaluation with the lowest price as the only selection criterion


Positive consequences of using ProTendering

  • Better understanding between departments as well as claimants and buyers / purchasers.

  • Faster implementation

  • More relevant tenders

  • Openings for innovation from suppliers

  • Better evaluations, based on senior purchaser’s know-how.

  • Better understanding of claimants and management through clear results.